Buddy's Joint Transformation

THIS IS 14 YEAR OLD BUDDY!!! Buddy started slowing down & limping while going up and down stairs. Soon after, he was barely able to get up. Buddy started using Joint Support Chews and got hi...

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Dog Body Language: How to Understand Your Dog Better

As humans it is easy for us to convey what we want, using speech. Unfortunately, that is not the same for our beloved pets. Pets can’t talk, thus, it’s always somewhat of a guessing game for us pe...

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How to Manage Dog Stress and Other Calming-related Concerns

Just like humans, dogs get stressed as well. Many factors cause dog stress such as loud noises and being left alone at home. If not handled properly, dog stress and tension can lead to more seriou...

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Relieving Dog Joint Pain with Key Ingredients

Like humans, dogs also experience joint pain, especially when they have stressed their joints from too much running or playing, or due to an underlying condition such as arthritis. As dogs grow ol...

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11 Healthy Habits Your Dog Can Benefit From

Every dog parent knows that when it comes to taking care of our dogs, we can’t settle for anything less. From feeding, maintenance, and general care, we always look forward to providing them with ...

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How to Deal with an Aggressive Dog

When a seemingly harmless dog suddenly attacks a passerby, or that new fur member turns out to be vicious, it becomes a terrifying experience not just to the unsuspecting victims, but also for the...

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