About Us

We’re making “sick as a dog” a thing of the past.

Hi there, pet parents. Welcome to So Barking Good, your source for natural, nourishing health food and supplements for dogs.

At So Barking Good, we’re fueled by the belief that a healthy dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog is just about the best thing on earth. We’re here for every dog under the sun and especially for senior dogs who need a little extra care in their golden years. After all, they’d do anything for us. Shouldn’t we do everything we can for them?

We started So Barking Good because we saw too many dogs suffering from achy joints, anxiety, tooth decay, and other health issues. Sadly, many humans don’t recognize when a dog is hurting or don’t know how to properly manage their dog’s health. We’re here to fix that. So Barking Good helps pet parents ease their dogs’ pain and improve their quality of life through safe, effective nutritional supplements.

Our vet-tested, pup-approved formulas help dogs live calm, pain-free lives. So Barking Good puts the spring back in their steps and brings out those doggy smiles we love to see.

We’re committed to supporting people like you: passionate, dedicated pet parents who stop at nothing to provide their dogs with the best care possible. Your love for your dogs is what inspires us to keep on creating and perfecting formulas to help them live life to the fullest. Unlike packs in the wild, we don’t abandon dogs when they’re old, sick, or weak. We hold them even closer and do everything we can to make life better for them.

Your dog matters. What your dog eats matters. We get it, because we’re dog people, too.