Dental Care at Home for Your Dog

Dec 01 , 2020

Dental Care at Home for Your Dog

Many of us pet parents make the mistake of neglecting their pet’s dental hygiene because it’s just something that we don’t have time to clean or check. While hair and coat are significantly maintained because they are visible to human eyes, dental care for dogs is taken for granted because we cannot always see what’s inside our dog’s mouth.


Knowing why oral hygiene is important for dogs is an essential key to their entire well-being. Many diseases start with mouth problems. Thus, to ensure that these diseases and infection are avoided, you need to know several tips for taking care of your dog’s dental hygiene at home.


What to do for my dog’s dental care at home?


The very first step to learn in dental care is brushing the teeth. You might find it weird, but, yes, dogs need to have their teeth cleaned, too. This is to help remove food particles, provide good breath and prevent cavity and tartar build-up.


So how do you brush your dog’s teeth?


The trick is to start brushing when your dog is still a little pup. Puppies may not get used to it at first, but with constant brushing and appropriate steps taken, they can learn to tolerate it until adulthood.


If you have an adult dog, you can’t obviously turn back the time to when he was just a puppy to start training. Yet, you still have to brush his teeth. Now, this might be tricky because older dogs that are not used to brushing may find it uncomfortable and would dash away from you whenever you try to brush.


One of the tricks used is to brush the teeth of your dog after his exercise. Dogs that have regular activities have a stronger tendency to sit still during the procedure. Brush the teeth gradually and do not overdo it the first try. Take it slow and stop when your dog starts to feel anxious. Do not force brush his entire mouth if he does not want it anymore because it will just lead to a negative experience.


Increase the time of brushing every day until he gets used to it that you can finally clean his entire mouth without him getting agitated. Make brushing a good experience for your dog and reward him with treats afterward so that he’ll realize that brushing is actually a good thing.


Other Dental Care Tips for Dogs


Aside from brushing, there are other types of dental care you can do for your dog at home.


  • Dry food is better for teeth. Soft food can cause decay because they easily stick to your canine’s teeth; whereas, dry food is easier for the teeth and can help improve oral health in general.


  • Chew Toys. Chewing toys help in cleaning your dog’s teeth because most of them are equipped with teeth-cleaning properties. Chew toys are also made to assist in strengthening the gums and teeth of your dog.


  • Toothpaste Matters. Picking toothpaste for your dog is essential for his overall oral hygiene. Human toothpaste is not ideal for dogs because of their fluoride content. NEVER USE HUMAN TOOTHPASTE SINCE IT CAN BE POISONOUS TO YOUR SWEET FRIEND. There are different pet-friendly toothpastes that are made especially for dogs available at pet stores.


  • Use Tooth Wipes. Tooth wipes are great in helping clean your dog’s teeth by rubbing against the teeth. Wipes help in removing plaque build-up.


  • Give dental treats. All dogs love treats! And these are a great way into “tricking” them into doing oral hygiene care. Some treats are intended for plaque removal as well as provide a fresher breath for your dog.


These dog dental care tips are very important so you can learn on how to take care of your dogs dental care needs at home. Knowing what to do for your dog’s oral hygiene will help immensely in boosting his general well-being and health by preventing infections brought about by bacteria build-up in the mouth. Make your dog smell good with fresh breath!